Founding Patrons

It takes a village to raise a child? Ashley has been working diligently along with local entrepreneurs and international corporations to establish Bermuda's Culinary Creation Centre. Thankfully, the team has been focused on nourishing this project. There are 4 board members who are responsible for the general control, direction and management of the organization along with patrons and ambassadors who volunteer to assist and/or support this development.

Founding patrons are supporting the movement in raising food awareness in various ways. Each patron receives a t-shirt and 12oz jar of preserves made with local fruits. (Loquat Pawpaw Chutney or Strawberry Banana Jam).

Extending appreciation and everlasting recognition to those who share the vision of bettering Bermuda.

• Toni Spring

• Antione Lugo

Ras Eddy
Dave Aitken
Winston Paynter

• Bermuda Gas
• Atlantic Stitches

• KulJah

Total amount of anonymous donations = 2

For more information on the levels of patronage click here