Cooking WIth Kids

Tasting Parties - fruit and vegetable tasting lessons provide opportunities for children to explore, learn about, and taste varieties of fruits and vegetables. Tasting lessons require no cooking and minimal food preparation. Students learn to use descriptive language, expand vocabulary, exercise choice, and articulate personal preferences. Research shows that requiring children to try new foods may make them more resistant to tasting anything new or unusual. The Cooking with Kids program honors the value of individual choice, encouraging but never forcing children to try foods.   
4 segments

*Cooking Classes - Students work in small groups with an adult to cook each dish. Students learn the importance of washing hands before food preparations, and to safely work with foods and kitchen utensils. Students wash their own dishes and clean their work bench before and after cooking. They learn vital cooking skills and vocabulary, such as how to measure, whisk, and knead. With so many helping hands in each cooking class, students learn to work together, take turns, and encourage their classmates during the process of preparing wholesome foods.  

4 segments
*Prerequisite: Tasting Parties

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• Elliot
• Francis Patton
• Harrington Sound
• Heron Bay
• Northlands
• Paget
• Port Royal
• Prospect
• Purvis
• Victor Scott
• West Pembroke

The standard size of each session is 10 children.

Enrichment programs generally offered to children 7-10.